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States ranked by zombie survivability

1. Wyoming
2. Alaska
3. Montana
4. South Dakota
5. Idaho
6. North Dakota
7. Mississippi
8. Arkansas
9. Utah
10. Kansas
11. Maine
12. Alabama
13. Oklahoma
14. Nebraska
15. Louisiana
16. Iowa
17. West Virginia
18. Oregon
19. New Mexico
20. Wisconsin
21. Minnesota
22. South Carolina
23. Kentucky
24. Missouri
25. Nevada
26. Colorado
27. Washington
28. Vermont
29. Tennessee
30. Arizona
31. Indiana
32. Michigan
33. North Carolina
34. Texas
35. New Hampshire
36. Virginia
37. Georgia
38. Ohio
39. Hawaii
40. Illinois
41. California
42. Florida
43. Pennsylvania
44. Delaware
45. Maryland
46. New York
47. Connecticut
48. Rhode Island
49. Massachusetts
50. New Jersey




Source: 2010 Census.
Population density is population divided by area of state (square miles). High population density means more zombies, so this is a negative factor. Decrease the weight if you believe population density should be less of a negative factor.

Air travel destination

Source: RITA Bureau of Transportation Statistics
The number of passengers delivered to a state increases the probability of transmission. This is a negative factor, so adjust the weight down to reduce its impact.


Source: 2001 North Carolina BRFSS Survey
Though body shots (not that kind) are harmless to zombies, they are easily dispatched by any head wound, regardless of caliber. The formula here is straightforward, more guns equal reduced zombie loitering. States with more firearms per capita have higher survivability.


Source: Neighbor state population
Understanding isolation is easy. If you are all alone on an island and you are not a zombie already – relax. States with crowded neighbors are disadvantaged. This factor combines the population density of neighbor states and is a negative factor, so decrease the weight if you don’t think this is as important.

Your turn

When the original zombie survivability metrics were published it was a true demonstration of collective analysis. People just like you reviewed the metrics and source data and provided enlightening observations.

This new map allows you to present your survivability projections and help millions of people prepare.


  1. Experiment by adjusting the weights for each attribute of the formula.

  2. and adjust weights as desired.

  3. When satisfied with the results, add a title and description of your theory. Your email address is never publicly displayed or provided to any other company and is collected to enable updates to your theory later.

  4. When your theory documentation is complete, press Please excercise good judgement and do not provide information that could harm you or others. We reserve the right to remove posts deemed offensive or harmful without notification.

My theory

Population: 8 Air travel dest.: 2 Firearms: 10 Isolation: 4

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Visitor-submitted theories



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8, 2, 10, 4 Default Tom Deaderick

Population density is important, neighboring state population is half as important (hopefully someone else will eliminate zombies before they migrate to your state) and firearms are highest importance.


4, 1, 8, 10 Isolation is the best protection Isolationist

Fewer zombies = less problems, less ammo expenditure, etc. Alaska has to be safer than a state like Wyoming. This model seems more realistic.


7, 2, 10, 3 Utah - Exception to Population Density/Isolation issues Paul M

Utah is extremely community oriented. When they hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games they set records for the number of volunteers, making it the first Winter Games in history to turn a profit. No Winter Games before that had even managed to break even. My theory is that this sense of community and putting others before yourself would cause tight groups to form, sharing resources, securing safe zones and fighting together to repel and eventually diminish the zombie hordes. While I dont think this makes Utah the number 1 state, I do think it should move it up a notch or two.

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